Sunday, January 25, 2009

Old Clinton BBQ

Old Clinton

As the BBQ Boys made their way through the desolate highways of central Georgia, they came across a small restaurant known as Old Clinton BBQ. Old Clinton is home to some of the best pork sandwiches you will ever find. Their vinegar based sauce mixed with the fresh pork makes this sandwich top tier. A couple of our close friends, Ford and Thomas Ray, were able to join us on our adventure through this leg of the trip. The Rays have been coming to Old Clinton BBQ for almost a decade. They told us that we were would not be disappointed and they could not have been more correct. The sandwiches already had the sauce added to them, which was a vinegar base with a good bit of pepper. Something that separated this vinegar based sauce from all of the others was how strong the pepper was. It actually made me cough after my first bite it was so strong, but it wasn’t overpowering enough to make me quit feasting. One of the owners of this establishment was more than happy to give us a tour. He alternates back and forth from his job at the restaurant and serving in the Air Force. As we began our tour we first stopped at the pit, which was featured in an episode of Dirty Jobs back in February of 2007. He told us that the pit had to be cleaned once every three weeks and assured us that it was definitely not a fun job. This restaurant is family owned and operated. The third generation of this family currently operates Old Clinton BBQ. This barbeque restaurant is definitely worth the trip!! Thank you Ford and Thomas for everything!!

Don’t drink and drive,
Bus Driver


D.T. said...

In following your journey through the heartland of great southern barbecue I have been at turns intrigued and (yes, I admit it) envious. As a longtime fan of 'cue in all its manifestations this would definitely qualify as a dream trip for me, and your posts have only served to make me want to drop everything and hit the road myself.
But that brings up one minor complaint. Old Clinton sounds like a great family place, but if it's "worth the trip" telling us where it is would seem like a good idea. Somewhere between Atlanta and Auburn is just a little too vague.
That aside, hats off to the BBQ Boys.

Adrian said...

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