Sunday, December 7, 2008

The "Bus Driver"

Upon the groups behalf I would like to welcome you to the 'Southern BBQ Boys' Blog. You along with us, will embark on a journey around the Southeast during the month of January. Please tell your friends, family, and everyone in between about our trip and make sure that they stay updated. We will make posts daily, most of the time even uploading videos to YouTube and putting them on the blog for you to view. As you might already know our group contains four members. We will all be posting on this blog at our own discretion about what ever topic we feel is necessary at the time (and of course it will pertain to Barbecue in some way). I would like to begin my posting by giving a little description of myself, and my history with Barbecue:

Hi. I am the "Bus Driver." I am from Cullman, a rural city in North Alabama. My father is a veterinarian. He is originally from Cullman and has spent most of his life there. My mother is from Bristol, Tennessee. She moved to Alabama after she got married. My mom has fond memories of her relatives cooking a pig over a bonfire during special family get-togethers. My dad loves to cook and has always loved Barbecue. The reason that I chose this Interim is because (1) I know it would be fun! (I mean what other time in my life will I get to go eat and learn about Barbecue for almost a month) and (2) I really wanted to know more about something that has so much history and culture in the society that we are all apart of today.

Look forward to posting again soon!!

Bus Driver