Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fresh Air Teaches Me A Lesson- Billy the Kid

Fresh Air BBQ

Billy the Kid

Hello again endearing fans of the BBQ Boys first let me extend a heart-felt thank you to all of you who have kept up with our travels and experiences. Often times I sit at the computer for thirty minutes staring at the screen struggling for words that will be satisfactory to BBQ Nation; it is pretty difficult getting my creative juices to flow with Busdriver and Blinky breathing down my neck. However like any athlete I persevere through the tough days when I wake up and I know I’m not at 100%. I have to get up and prepare my belly for another porktacular performance for BBQ Nation. The BBQ Boys Creed specifically states on page 10 paragraph 2 “ He Who Does Not Clean His Plate Shall Be Hogtied.” My knowledge of the creed is quite extensive and I know the repercussions to be severe if any facet is compromised by our actions. (Don’t ask what happened to the BBQ Boy who ordered grilled chicken…) 

Walking up to Fresh Air BBQ in Athens I had to motivate myself quite a bit to eat ANOTHER pork sandwich. Being the only ones in the restaurant accompanied by the always generous and gregarious Ray brothers (Thomas and Ford made Athens a great experience for all of us!) it was quite dead to say the least. I thought great just what I want another average sandwich with above average company in an absolutely beautiful city. For those of you who have not been to Athens, GA home to the University of Georgia a trip is much needed. With my BSC goggles on I saw many pretty women walking around the streets shopping in quaint trendy boutiques. Honestly BBQ Nation I wanted to be walking around with the goggles on and my mouth open looking at sweet southern Georgia girls, you can’t fault me for that can you? Instead here I am lacking any enthusiasm biting into my pork sandwich knowing if I keep this style of eating up it doesn’t matter what girl it is I will have no chance because my body looks as though I am three months pregnant. Its ok I can get my beach body back by March…I think and I hope. Sorry I digress, to my surprise Fresh Air supplied us with a sandwich that was one of the better we have had on the trip.

My perseverance paid off and I was rewarded once again with the familiar tingle of the taste buds as BBQ rolled down my throat to my belly. Fresh Air is worth visiting while in Athens, but only after you have walked around one of the most beautiful campuses in the South. I was humbled by the pork here at Fresh Air, I learned a valuable lesson your attitude going into something can go a long way in determining the outcome. 

So Long Folks

Pork Always



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