Sunday, January 25, 2009

Beautiful 'Cue and Company at Byron's - Billy the Kid

Byron’s – Auburn, Al

Billy the Kid

Trucking into Auburn from The Fox Brothers my stomach felt uneasy due to a shot of pepto bismol followed by more pulled pork to top it off.  We were going to be met by a larger group than we were used to working with, a reporter, two photographers, Tyler Peterson, Jeff’s girlfriend, and my friend Kate who are students at AU.  Kate informed me Byron’s had good food, but was not the student favorite at Auburn.  This recommendation was given to us by Tyler Peterson who, an Auburn native and Dean of Recruitment for Southern, was raised on the ‘que at Byron’s. I know that Tyler would never lead any of us astray, I mean he is one of the primary reasons why Captain and I choose Birmingham-Southern.  Our bellies were screaming at us to stop filling it up with just ‘cue, we had just hit for the cycle earlier in the day eating BBQ breakfast. Tyler let know Glenn the owner of Byron’s we were coming by so he was generous with his time and knowledge. He allowed us in the back and showed us around the pit. Glenn was easy to talk to and welcomed our questions about anything regarding his place.  Byron’s was made better by the hospitality they showed to us boys trying our hardest to learn the craft of ‘cue. The passion poured out of Glenn as he discussed his family business and the time that goes into maintaining the establishment. He is constantly putting pork on the pit especially during football season. He also pointed to the low turnover he has in employees which allows for those around him to care about the work they do for Glenn. We have spoken with many people where BBQ is central to their lives each having their own unique story, which adds to our experience. It is so enlightening to hear how many of these folks got into this business and how the develop their sauces. 

Glenn came up with his tasty tomato based sauce and has been running Byron’s for 18 years.  When he told us he was going to bring out everything so we could sample it I didn’t want to let him down by leaving anything on the plate. The taste of Byron’s link sausage was what set this place apart from the others on the trip. The smokey taste filled my mouth and the tender sausage links were dripping in Glenn’s own tomato sauce with a little spice.  All of the food was delicious I felt like a Roman king with hordes of food in front of me and beautiful girls sitting next to me. This was a rare stop where our company at the table was just as pretty as the pork sitting in front of our faces. Wiping the remnants of Glenn’s delicious BBQ from my face I was satisfied that as the trip winds down the quality of the food is at its peak.  From Fox Brothers to Byron’s within a few hours I was in ‘que paradise, and my waistline will pay for it dearly! 

Look for a post trip review soon!!


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